Why festive redesign is a good idea and how you can do it at minimum cost


Black Friday? There are more important things in business

Everyone seems obsessed with Black Friday. I’d write about it too if I didn’t have more valuable information to impart. What’s more important than Black Friday and other holidays? Understanding the smart way to use holidays for your business, that’s what. And I mean any holidays. …

An easy way to identify problems and optimize your website or app


When a digital product fails to meet expectations, its owner starts desperately looking for an explanation. The site looks good, all the functions are there — so where are the active users? The high conversion rates? What went wrong?

Before shelling out on expensive testing, consider your website or app…

How can your business use the full potential of Black Friday? Here are some traditional and new methods


Many people view Black Friday as merely a hunt for gullible customers, and holidays as a way to increase profits. But hunting is not business. While you can catch a couple of animals, the rest will invariably scatter.

A truly successful business pursues other goals.

They are, first and foremost…

Quotes by famous designers that will help you work mindfully


Each designer’s vision and experience are unique. And no matter its wealth and breadth, it’s still only one person’s experience. There are many ways of enriching it. One of the best methods is to study the experiences of other designers. Looking at their work is good and useful; but what’s…

How to level up your company with brand design? Benefits of branding you may not have known about


1. Everyone has a brand

Did you know that you already have a brand? Yes, even if you don’t run a business and haven’t spent a penny on branding. Even if you have never heard this term before, you have a brand. How is this possible?

In a certain sense, every person has a “brand.”…

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