The features and testing algorithm of good design

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Can you quickly tell whether a design is good or mediocre? The quality of design is not a matter of taste or intuition. “This is awesome!” or “This is meh” are reactions better left to the users.

Knowing how to determine the quality of design is important both for designers and developers and for website owners. This requires practice. If you are a designer who wants to grow professionally, you should turn this skill into a regular habit, like brushing your teeth. At first it will take some time, but you will learn to do it quicker with every new…

The principal stages in creating and developing a logo

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Designing a logo is the first step in building your brand and a mark of professionalism in business. Most business people understand that today no company can thrive without a logo. But not everyone knows what a real logo is or how it works.

A logo is more than just a company’s face and identifier in the online and offline markets. To the consumers, the logo is a guarantee of quality; to the business partners, it’s a signal that the company is trustworthy. This is how market reasoning goes: if a company has a high-quality logo, this quality extends to…

Learn how to study top-rate designs to get the most benefits

A drawn person jumps on squares that symbolize different websites.
A drawn person jumps on squares that symbolize different websites.
Illustration: Outcrowd

Any web designer knows the importance of viewing good designs. It helps you to stay relevant, take notice of changing visual trends, learn from the masters, and use other people’s experiences to avoid reinventing the wheel. Regularly viewing designs develops your creative thinking and that special designer vision that helps you tell good designs from bad ones. However, it’s not only newcomers that find it beneficial; some very experienced designers also take the time to study top-rate designs. Why?

Because studying designs is more than just viewing.

1. It’s real work

Some designers think that studying top-rate designs is just a useful leisure activity…

Some useful tips on how to create an efficient logo

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Most companies have a logo. As long as it’s recognizable to the employees, it’s considered good enough. “It’s an okay logo,” says the complacent owner. “After all, we’re not Apple or McDonald’s.”

And that’s exactly why they aren’t Apple or McDonald’s. A logo is a marketing tool, and if these guys’ marketing doesn’t work, then what does?

Your logo is the banner you carry into the market battle.

What’s the secret to good visuals in web design? Something important we forget about

Primitive people in a cave looking at the paintings on the wall.
Primitive people in a cave looking at the paintings on the wall.
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Without graphic design, web design would be dead as a doornail. And not only it. Graphic design wasn’t created yesterday. It began with prehistoric cave drawings, with marks on stones, notches in trees, and similar useful ways of exchanging information. How could we communicate with each other distantly if we did not know how to use the language of images?

The visual language is just as important as the spoken one.

We have forgotten about this ancient and most important function of graphic design. We worry about the style and quality of the images, whether this or that design is…

What makes visual content unique & how to create it without breaking the rules

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Take a look around and you’ll see a wealth of cookie-cutter design. Everyone is copying everyone else’s ideas, changing the visuals to the best of their abilities or arrogance. They change the colors and shapes, they shift some blocks around. Upon clients’ request, designers are willing to steal the entire layout of a top-rate website. The digital world is one of imitation. We are not talking about whether it’s good or bad. We are just saying that if you want to create a unique project, this is not the path you should take.

How do you create a design that…

Things you should know to master the art of 3D

Yellow letters “3D tips” on purple background
Yellow letters “3D tips” on purple background
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1. Where to begin? From idea to implementation

Every work starts with an idea. When you have a rough plan for implementation, prepare sketches, collect pictures, photos, videos, and whatever you think is necessary.

2. What set of tools do I need?

Identify the set of tools you need to implement your idea. It’s best to choose several programs at first. 3DS Max, Maya, 4D Cinema, Blender are some of the most popular. These are complex programs that allow you to create 3D models, animation, and visual effects (VFX). They can be used to make animations, advertisements, films, 3D-printer models, and even physical calculations.

To choose a suitable option for yourself, it’s worth considering the advantages…

How to use the laws of visual perception to create effective shapes

Various geometric shapes in pastel colors with green plants on a light background.
Various geometric shapes in pastel colors with green plants on a light background.
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If you are a designer, you have likely heard things like “the rectangle emphasizes stability and confidence,” “the circle represents closure and unity,” “the triangle means movement and progress.” Among logo designers, this belief is almost an obsession. Well, some may be upset to learn that this approach is wrong.

Why is it wrong, and what is the right one?

Stereotypes are bad

Designers can’t be bothered with studying the intricacies of human visual perception. You say the square represents reliability? No problem, here’s some quadrangular reliability! Except for some reason the users are hesitant to rely on it.

This approach is wrong…

How to increase lead form conversions and prevent abandoned carts

A man in a red T-shirt and black shorts fills out the form. Geometric elements and green plants are all around.
A man in a red T-shirt and black shorts fills out the form. Geometric elements and green plants are all around.
Illustration: Outcrowd

Often, a landing page, website, or online store that doesn’t look bad at first glance has low conversion rates of the application form. Does the problem always reside in the lead form and will its optimization help to improve conversions?

The correct answer is: not always. Let’s see why.

A good interface is the cornerstone of success no. 1

A lead form is an organic part of the design, just like an arm is part of the body. If the body is sick and weak, then the hand is the same. If users don’t like the interface, don’t expect them to be drawn to the form like bees to honey…

When does your business need a landing page? Possibilities of landings you may not know about

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Business owners often ask if they need a landing page and what’s the use of it. Those who are unaware of all the possibilities of a landing page miss an opportunity to push up sales, increase conversions, develop and expand a client base, and much more.

Check if you missed your chance.

Landing is a powerful marketing tool.

A landing page can be called a selling presentation. It draws the attention of users to the selling proposition, demonstrates its advantages, and leads to the desired action. The landing page allows you to achieve the highest conversions by selling “here and…

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