How art is reflected in web design (and some great examples)

Web design is a new form of art, new Modern, new Punk! Website is a new creative media where art itself plays a significant role. We still can hear that some art genres come back as web design trends. Like, for example, abstractionism that was widely used in recent years in web design illustrations. Art influences web design, which became a new digital creative showcase to represent a brand or a company.

We would like to share with you some amazing examples of how art influences web design, and how websites use art to deliver their brand message.

Mid-Century Modern

This is an art movement in graphic design and architecture that usually covers the middle of the 20th century, roughly 1933 to 1965. David Hockney is the most significant representative in this movement, and web designers (as well as movie makers) are often inspired by his works.

David Hockney, Interior with Blue Terrace and Garden, 2017
by Paarth Desai


When we think about this art movement, what names come to our minds? Definitely Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Here is the example of how famous work ‘The Kiss’ by Lichtenstein is reflected in the website below.

The Kiss by Roy Lichtenstein, 1964
George Street Playhouse

Art Nouveau

This art movement (1890 and 1910) is not widespread in the art world today, but surprisingly quite used in web design, and some mediums even call this art movement a trend in web design. The most famous representative of Art Nouveau is Alphonse Mucha, see how the website below was inspired by his works.

Alphonse Mucha: Coloured glass Pictures “The Music” /”The Dance” (1898)
Nomadic Tribe

In this case, the website collects works of Kandinsky, representing them in the dark background, so you pay attention only to artworks.

Vassily Kandinsky, Yellow-Red-Blue, 1925
Museum of Interactive Art


This website was inspired by Klimt adding his unique style to the front cover.

Gustav Klimt, Portrait Of Adele Bloch-bauer, 1907

Dutch and Flemish Renaissance

The work of Bruegel is represented as a cover picture on the front page of the website. We love how stylish and minimalist the fronts are.

Pieter Bruegel Winter Landscape With Skaters, 1565
Bruegel — Once in a Lifetime


Graffiti and murals are no longer outsiders and, like in this example, we can see murals as the cover picture.

Overall Murals


We love this example of an art website, and how paints add creativity and art spirit to a website page.


Art Museums

On both websites, there is a great example of how web design promotes art museums. As you see, websites are minimalistic, showing just some fronts and museums itself.

Unit London


Some call it a trend, but we would say minimalist design is classic. In this website, there is nothing but calm illustration and menu.

MOCHIGOMA official website

More Abstracts

Abstracts on websites are a ‘classic trend’ and still widely used in web design. Here is our example of how arty abstracts should be used on the front page.

by Outcrowd

Did you get any inspiration for your website? Drop us line to create another masterpiece influenced by arts




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Erik Messaki

Erik Messaki

UI/UX Design and Development. Let’s create something wonderful together!

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